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Our goal is to make decisions early in the audit process to best target our efforts while remaining flexible to deal with uncertainty. Shared understanding about how and why we do our work is key to achieving our mission. 

The core activities of the TAO continue to be the financial audit of the government and its agencies, and the provision of performance audit reports. Holding Government to account for its spending and for providing value for money in public services remains a key focus, but this is balanced by our vision and mission of ensuring our work promotes good governance, transparency, and accountability of public funds used by the American Samoa Government. We have captured our plans under three broad strategic objectives:

  • Strengthening the accountability, transparency, integrity, and delivery of public services through high-quality audits.

  • Demonstrating ongoing relevance to the people of American Samoa and Government Agencies.

  • Encouraging improvement through leading by example.

The achievement of these objectives presents the TAO with some challenges, but they are important in ensuring that we are a well-respected and effective provider of government audit, and seen as dependable within the community.